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Black Pro Mist Effect in Premiere Pro

Let’s be honest. Every filmmaker loves to use a Black Pro Mist Filter from time to time. But once the filters screwed on, there’s no way to clean up the softer look in post. So what if you’re not sure if the look will fit the client or project? What if you want to play it save and get a clean look?

Don’t worry, Those Youngbloods are here to help!

We will show you how you can easily add a Black Pro Mist look in Premiere Pro. That way you shoot clean, add the filter in post and even adjust the softness intensity to your liking. Here’s how it works.

Step 1: add an adjustment layer

Screenshot Premiere Pro

Add a simple adjustment Layer on top of the video you want to soften.

Step 2: add gaussian blur

Screenshot Premiere Pro

Add a gaussian blur to the adjustment layer. We will use a value of 50 for now and repeat edge pixels.

Step 3: set blending mode to “Brighter Colors”

Screenshot Premiere Pro

This is where the magic happens!

Add change the blending mode to “Brighter Colors” and lower the opacity of the adjustment layer. We will use an opacity of 20% for now.

That’s it!

Play around with the softness of the blur and the opacity. That way you can change the look to your liking.

The result is subtle in our example, but you can always increase the intensity how you like it.

David Vorkauf | 25.06.2021

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