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Don't produce videos!

Okay, we admit it, the headline is a bit exaggerated. Video production can push your marketing campaign to the next level.

The simple reasons for that is rooted in the psychological working of motion picture. It establishes an emotional connection with the audience, captivate, and are 85% more memorable than text. But if videos bring so many advantages, then why the heck should you not produce them?

Videos can leverage your business. But it's not a magic potion to push your brand! So, do not produce videos if you see it as a way to solve all your problems - it really isn't.

Fix your Marketing first

If your marketing strategy is not developed, elaborated, and established, even the best video won't help. In that case - stay away from producing videos! At least as long as you haven't figured out how you want to distribute those videos.

The lack of an effective strategy is the most challenging obstacle to video marketing success. It comes above the story, production value, and anything else ( Because, no matter how good of a video you have, if the marketing machinery behind it is not working, the video will flop. Your target group just won’t see it.

Goals are everything

This leads us to the next sign when you shouldn't produce: The lack of a strategy and, even more important, a specific goal. Do not create videos if you don't know what you want to reach with them!

Set up your goals. Produce videos with your goal in mind. Measure how they videos helped you reach that goal. Adjust the strategy and repeat.

But when should I produce videos?

All in all, videos are an effective tool if you use them right. We advise you to not produce anything only because your competitors do so. This will only burn your money.

Concluding, we put all the factors together in one rule of thumb: Don't produce if you don't know your goal, if your marketing strategy is lagging or, if you see it as a magic solution for everything.

And keep in mind: your marketing strategy should drive your video efforts - not the other way round. If your marketing, strategy, and goals are well prepared, you're good to go!

Julia Kleinau | 23.06.2021

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